Another blog about healthy living, as if the internet isn’t already crawling with them. I know and agree wholeheartedly. Let me try and justify my decision to start this blog.

For what seems the longest time I have wanted to live a healthy life.  But looking back this hasn’t always been true. As a child of the sixties and seventies, I grew up as what I suppose could be described as a ‘girly’ girl. As a teenager in the seventies I LOVED fashion and makeup. There was a time when I wouldn’t be caught dead without big shoulderpads, frizzy hair and tons of war-paint on my face. I embraced the hedonism and excesses of the eighties with enthusiasm,  Vogue was my bible and expensive designers my gods, image was everything. And then Tchernobyl threw a spanner in the works. ..this was a scary time to live in Europe. Even though I didn’t want to be confronted with reality and would have liked to stick my head in the sand (as most politicians undoubtedly  preferred us to) it was impossible to ignore. I vividly remember the department of health advising farmers to keep their livestock stabled instead of turning them out to (contaminated) pasture, and I remember wondering why there was no such advise for people…..My brother and his young family emigrated to New Zealand, and after a while I followed. I finally ended up in Australia, in the beautiful Yarra Valley just outside Melbourne. An almost idyllic lifestyle of commuting to work in the city and living in a tranquil country setting.

My brother’s death of colon cancer at age 53 scared me and got me interested in organic food. I lived in the right spot for it, plenty of organic shops and farms, and the Biodynamic Institute of Australia around the corner in Powelltown. I thought I would live healthy ever after. But then I suffered my own healthscare, a massive burnout due to long working hours and a stressful job caused depression and anxiety disorder with panic attacks. I ended up being home for eighteen months, on antidepressants. I never questioned what type of chemicals I was taking, the GP had prescribed them so I needed them. Isn’t that how most of us think? It was only when I tried to get off antidepressants that I started wondering what nasty substances I was swallowing everyday…it took me over 4 months to safely come off my medication (a light antidepressant that is routinely prescribed to the elderly and teenagers alike.

I wanted to know more, not just about healthy food and organic gardening, but about healthy living, and the way my body works. So I embarked on a naturopathy study. This was a huge eyeopener, and I have to say I learned a lot. Quite frankly, I would advise everybody to find a good naturopath before ever seeing a GP, as a lot of preventative healthcare and good, solid dietary advice would go a long way to prevent many health conditions ever developing. That said, the operative word here is GOOD. I have seen a number of naturopaths both here in Australia and in New Zealand who are really only interested in peddling health remedies and supplements at hugely inflated prices and refuse to even entertain the idea of what I feel strongly naturopathy should all be about:  education and empowerment.  Enough said about that before I go off on a rant.

What naturopathy has given me is a level of understanding and motivation to try and make myself and my environment as healthy as possible. The knowledge that ALL of humanity as well as ALL wildlife on the planet carries a toxic burden in their bodies of hundreds of manmade chemicals (pthalates, PFC’s (Teflon) BPA’s , PCB’s, as well as  heavy metals like mercury and lead to name but a few) has got me thinking about my own health. Recently returned to Australia after six years back in New Zealand, I have decided to embark on a journey to detoxify not just my body, but more importantly my everyday environment as well. I would like to share my experiences and findings with everybody who is interested.  So, I suppose my message is: if you like my blog and feel it is useful to you, pass it on. If not, you can vote with your digital feet and not visit again:-)

Good Health!


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