Clean and healthy living on a budget

This website will cover everything about healthy and clean living, without toxic chemicals.
I will cover topics like cleaning your home without chemicals; hidden toxins in your daily environment; sustainable living and buying in a way that helps your dollar go further; healthy food, and easy, cheap alternative remedies.

Secondly my aim is to provide information about common, everyday health conditions, how they come about, and what is actually happening in your body, as well as and what you can do to improve your health, as well as what questions to ask your health professional.
Thirdly, as the final part of this website I will research and critique new products, and where possible I will provide alternative choices.

In my role as a naturopath and massage therapist I have seen time and time again that most of us have completely lost the ability to tell healthy food and a healthy life-style from what is bad and toxic for us. The first thing I usually hear from clients is: ‘I look after my health and I have a healthy diet’…..only to find out later that that is about as far from reality as you can get. We are bombarded with advertising every day, telling us that we need to eat this spread for a healthy heart, and take that supplement to stop developing cancer, and drive that car to be happy, and buy this freezer meal for real taste… Well, the good news is that none of that is really true. The only thing any advertisement really tells you is that the advertiser wants your money. As long as you keep that in mind, that will provide you with a healthy dose of cynicism, which will go a long way to protect you, as well as your wallet.


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